The former GDR watchtower on Schlesischer Busch has a long tradition of cultural and artistic production ever since Reunification. In recent years, the building has become a place for artists, writers, choreographers, and other thinkers that have been invited to spend time within and around the tower. In this Lautstrom edition, Anna Bromley – the most recent artist in resident of the watch –meets Julie Sas – the current artist in residence. The one-hour studio conversation revolves around Julies critical examination of value and visibility, being and appearing and of possible ways of resistance to these contemporary paradigms in modes of anonymity, invisibility, disappearance, avoidance, secrecy or silence.

Julie Sas (1990, Paris) lives and works in Paris. In her practice, she combines installations, writing, performance and collaborative projects, in which she organizes spaces and situations around plays on meanings, norms and identities that demonstrate a tension with certain linguistic or social data. Her work as been shown, among others, at Centre d’art contemporain Genève, Palais de Tokyo, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck, Yvon Lambert bookshop, art3, Villa Bernasconi and Jeune Création (104). She published Notes de la rédaction in 2017 at Héros-Limite. Since 2017, she is co-directing The Cheapest University, an experimental school based in Paris.

Image: Julie Sas, Also known as, performance, Centre d’art contemporain Genève, 2016, ©Etienne Chosson.