Fourtrack on Stage is a monthly music night in at Schokoladen in Berlin (formerly based at Zosch, Hotelbar/Monkey Club, and Madame Claude) that takes place every second Wednesday of each month. Fourtrack also co-curates the Down by the River Festival and sometimes organize Fourtrack Spezial events. Fourtrack on Stage Radio features music from the monthly nights and sometimes maybe even guests and is hosted by DJ Sibsisibsi.

Diane Cluck - People
Kartenhauskörper - Schuhe binden
Masha Qrella - Day After Day
Angela Aux - Special When You Come
Julie Doiron - Woke Myself Up
Richard Dawson - Jogging
WOW - Niente di speciale
Jeffrey Lewis & The Deposit Returners - Morning Morning
Brabrabra - Sakura
Balayage / Martha Rose feat. Drangsal - Being Boring
John Moods - I Wanted You
WOW - Morire per amore