Mo Loschelder introduces Contagious, the solid blending of avant-garde experimentation and electronic music.
Formed by two innovative voices from the Improvisation scene of Berlin, Andrea Neumann and Sabine Ercklentz, and Mieko Suzuki, a well-crafted and creative DJ and musician who’s operating in Berlin venues and festivals since a long time. Mieko co-runs the infamous series Kookoo at Ohm for more than 10 years now.

Speaking with Mieko and Sabine about how they got together as a trio and about their upcoming album „Contagious (release date on Nov 18th, Morphine Records) where each track title represents an intersexual animal, such as “Bearded Dragon“ and “Peppermint Shrimp“.


1. Bearded Dragon - Contagious
1. Moon Wrasse- Contagious
3. Bluebanded Goby- Contagious
4. Earthworm- Contagious
5. Peppermint Shrimp- Contagious
6. Parrotfish- Contagious
7. Contagious - Zoe Mc Pherson Remix