After the death of Danish writer and DJ, Djuna Barnes, an entire life dedicated to music, and six years residing in one of the main boiling points of creative culture – Berlin –; it was not so unexpected (and not so expected either) that Myra Barnes would begin this musical project, heavily influenced by the former Dane. The main attempt here is to share unknown sounds under an attractive and clever mix. A soothing and carefully gathered collective of vibrations and speech designed to cast an enchanting spell to the listener.
Xuxi or not xuxi, the former member of the short-lived electronic duo Love Addiction -https://soundcloud.com/love-addiction - breaks away from her usual role as a techno dame – her latest contribution was for her sister´s label, Abisal Records, for the track Techno Zuruck - https://soundcloud.com/kolera_absl/techno-zuruk-kolera - and portrays her rich musical baggage which lies below the electronic hammering she enjoys and has grown accustomed to, leaving her folk acoustic roots behind - https://colorsandthekids.bandcamp.com - , and resurrecting them to blend into what could be defined as an audio scroll seeking to mesmerize you.