Female Frequencies is looking forward to the new decade as Kritzkom, Rona Geffen and Aschka present their final show of the year. Tonight we bring you some amazing sounds from Berlin, the rest of Europe, Iceland and ...Read More

präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig recorded live at reboot.fm studio 07/11/19 (Acud, Berlin) feat. poetry by "Matthias" BAADER Holst & Bert Papenfuß music: THE BLACK DOG - Dark Days, Grey Nights (30:56) - David Lynch – The Air Is On Fire – ...Read More

Nochmal Lulu und Örbi!! Read More

30.11.2019 B.K.A #74 (Sonnabend 30.11.2019 17-18h) Anna Thema FENSTER - HBW (live 18.1.2020 HAU. mit Moon Gear) Clappers - I ve changed (live 30.11.2019 Tennis Bar) XX - Test Me Sickerman/Angela Chambers - Anger Sick Marc Marcovic - ashokatam Johnny Zabala ...Read More

Ever since the Jim Jarmusch's Broken flowers came out, people have known a certain gifted musician from Ethiopia by the name of Mulatu Astatke and his wide footprint on the whole of old school Ethiopian Music; On this program, i ...Read More