ff52Female Frequencies is looking forward to the new decade as Kritzkom, Rona Geffen and Aschka present their final show of the year. Tonight we bring you some amazing sounds from Berlin, the rest of Europe, Iceland and Africa – as always produced by women, transgender and non-binary electronic artists. Featuring Fauna, MC Yallah X Debmaster, Lelli, Rauður, Martina Bertoni, Lazy Rosario, Lily Ackerman, EKLPX, Mila Chiral and Innoxia.
Fauna - Ich Fantazia (live)
MC Yallah X Debmaster - Kubali
Lelli - Shadows (Feat. Loid)
Rauður - Dönsum
Martina Bertoni - Transparent:closeness
Lazy Rosario - Recuerdos
Lily Ackerman - Weitergehen
EKLPX - Endless
Mila Chiral - Life Is An Ocean
Innoxia - La rivière se vide