Mo Loschelder presents Ale Hop (aka Alejandra Cardenas), a new artist on the Media Loca roster.
Apart from playing tracks of Ale’s latest album „Apophenia“, released on the Peruvian label Buh-Records in September 2019, they speak about the great Yma Sumac, about Noise and about Blues, or rather about the Andean music Yaraví with indigenous lyric poetry - such as “Puñales” which has been re-composed as an instrumental by Ale Hop.


Ale Hop - Lima / Apophenia
Ale Hop - 1 / unreleased
Ale Hop - Augury / Apophenia
Yma Sumac - Hampi (Medicine) / Shou Condor
Ale Hop - Puñales / Apophenia
Ale Hop - Home / unreleased
Ale Hop - El Beso / Apophenia
Jardín - Perfume de ceniza / Maqui De Hierro
Ignacio Briceño & Ale Hop - Advertencia / The Way Of Love