Here comes the second part of Your Mom’s Arts x Music x New Tech series, recorded at TOA19 and Reboot FM: episode 3 features a talk about the community spirit that built and is still sustaining Riverside Studios, with co-founder Martin Eyerer interviewing Craig Walker, Henne Müller, Katia Isakoff, and Victor Von Vugt, plus two tracks from the speakers.
Episode 4 showcases the Battle of Sounds moderated by Abba Lang with 6zm, Ashia Bison Rouge, Chimp Hardy, main(void), and Portrait XO as competitors, plus a few tracks from their recorded production.
Credit music by Simonne Jones (The Silver Cord), more info about Your Mom’s at TOA19 on

Episode 3:
Archive - Again
Martin Eyerer - The Cake (Markus Homm remix)

Episode 4:
Abba Lang - Chillax
6zm - Gizil Ozney
Ashia Bison Rouge - Felice
Portrait XO - The Chasing Game