Daniela Dröscher und Peggy Mädler haben für das Ost West Ding-Festival in den Sophiensälen, das dieses Jahr stattfand, Zeitgeschichte aus Alltagsperspektive zusammengetragen. Inspiriert von Maxie Wanders Guten Morgen, du Schöne haben sie mit Berliner Frauen unterschiedlicher Herkunft gesprochen und daraus ...Read More

Enjoy four episodes of Your Mom's Arts x Music x New Tech series, recorded at TOA19 and at Reboot FM. The first two episodes feature talks by LA-based artist duo Operator, a panel discussion about the crossover between arts and science ...Read More

“Advanced D&D” (vinyl mix) by Plastique De Rêve & Andrew Claristidge Scan X : Phosphore Chris Korda : I Like To Watch (Richard Bartz remix) Blotter Trax : Programmed Memories The Beat Club : Security Egyptian Lover : 808 Beats Kit Builders : Girls On Stage Die ...Read More

Infinite Livez and Tex Royale rinse out your music live on air!! Expect a show of 100% submitted music. Look out for some exclusives and genuine CORKERS in all that’s bleepy, glitched and electrified. Read More

The Zero Hour is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music. Music which is worth to be presented and introduced to a new wasted generation. Tune In, Turn On, Burn Out !!! - Severija, Nikko Weidemann Weidemann - Zu ...Read More

Deadly Dolores nimmt euch mit auf eine kleine Reise in die Welt des Hip Hop. 1. All Natural - Good Life feat. Rita 2. Jurassic 5 - Action Satisfaction 3. Dudley Perkins - Money 4. Prince Paul - Gravediggas - 1-800-Suicide (Remix) 5. Myka 9 ...Read More

Eclectic mix as usual from classic to elektro rock to ethno and always a grain of poetry. Read More

“It’s moving” – Alerte Niveau 5 [www.radiopanik.org/emissions/alerte-niveau-5/] Broadcast produced as part as Radio Panik (Brussels, Belgium) thematic program [www.radiopanik.org/topiks/thematiques/ca-demenage/] during November 2019 on the theme of Moving. Be part of these people who buy electronic products on aliexpress, killing small local business ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #62 spielen Volkan T error und Toby Dope ein paar Outtakes aus dem Hörspiel "Black Metal Muslim". In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! www.endzeit-industry.com Read More

radioart106 on mixcloud facebook program ‪#‬109 length‪:‬ 59 min‪.‬ Karen Power is this on? [2016, part] In 1927, Cork City Gaol hosted one of Ireland’s earliest radio broadcasts, the simple sound of cartwheels on cobbles. RTÉ lyric fm has commissioned is this on?, a new work ...Read More