Hour 1: Plastique De Rêve

Abdulla Rashim: Separation Of Senses

/ Two Culture Clash feat. Ce’Cile & General Degree: Na Na Na Na

Frost (OF): Turn It Up

/ Elephant Man: Www.2000.Com

/ Ghost: Comeback

Sync 24: Resynth

/ Omar Gosh: Millenium

/ Spragga Benz: Supposed To Know

Africaine 808: Tummy Tummy

/ artists unknown

Dimitri Veimar: Blaze

/ Shy Nee feat. Cutty Ranks: Stopper

Mimetic: 4444

/ M.I.A.: 10 Dollar

DJ Did feat. MHD: Dip Dop / Afro Trap Part 2 (Kakala Bomaye)

Beastie Boys: Intergalactic – Colleone & Webb remix 2

Junq: From Below

/ L’Trimm: We Can Rock The Beat

/ Mr Oizo feat. Carmen Castro: Toodoo

Theus Mago: Bum Bum Bum

/ Hatiras feat. Slarta John: Spaced Invader (acapella)

/ Theus Mago: Siri Will Rise

Psycho Weazel: Allegria Nervosa

Nu Jacks: House Sensation

Scientist: Step It Up – Dub

Hour 2: Andrew Claristidge presents No Suit Records & more

Richard Davis: Methane Sea Aftermath (Deep Sea)

BunZero & Kamine: Reciprocity (No Suit Records)

Emperor T: Macka Step Dub (Zam Zam)

Gomez & Barokskki: Security Breach (No Suit Records)

Eomac: Angel In The Marble (Killekill)

Unit Moebius: Panta Rhei (Bunker)

Volatil: Ancient Technique (No Suit Records)

AFX: Elephant Song (Rephlex)

Scaarlet: Communication Failure (No Suit Records)

Air Liquide: Robot Wars - Combat Zone Part 2 (sm:)e)

C/Fe: Approaching The Gaz Giant (No Suit Records)