Radioart106_#124_Prison Without Trial
Special broadcast for International Women’s day 2020

This is a reading of “Prison Without Trial”, a conference from January 2nd 2020,
about the struggle against Administrative Detention of Palestinians by the Israeli state. The conference was organised by The Ad-hoc Committee to Abolish the Israeli Use of Administrative Detention. It took place at the Khashabi theatre in the city of Haifa. The speakers and readers of this conference and broadcast are all female
activists. Featuring: Dareen Tatour (poet, photographer) - Read by Elham (actress, singer).
Abeer Baker (lawyer) - Read by Meira Asher (sound/radio artist).
Dr. Anat Matar (philosopher) - Read by Smadar Yaaron (actress, interdisciplinary
artist). Chaired by Dr. Yali Hashash (social historian) - Read by Orna Akad (author,
playwright). Music by Kamilya Jubran and Werner Hasler
playlist: Yaday, Aux enfants, Nafad Al-Ahwal 3, Asra (fragment).
Produced by Meira Asher, radioart106
Lexical assistance: Liam Evans

Image: Reut Gat

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