Miniments - this is what Roy Menachem Markovich calls his sculptures. Harmless, tiny, and minimental as they are, they will never ever become monumental. However, they are numerous. Sneaking from the bottom, and loaded with history`s luggage (Markovich), they involve with nostalgia, and ‚IKEA-zombyism‘. In case you stumble over one of them, you might fall into (and for) the ‚Minimental Manifesto‘.

During his talk with Anna, Roy elaborates about nostalgia–also for the first and lost take of this conversation–, humanist carpentry, twisted balances, and emergency-kits for ‚Miniments‘. he speaks about post-holocaust jokes, the tragedy in Buster Keaton’s slapsticks, and the tensed state of Israeli society.

This radio talk was recorded at ‚The Artists Residence Herzliya‘, Israel, in February 1017.