beyond beyond is a festival format that took place in Kunsthaus KuLe in August of 2019.
as a sonic installation space, the festival supported ways of structuring and composing as well as activating listening in a space.
the sound scores to be heard in the broadcast undergo pathways: from the sonic to the soundscape, from amplified voices of telling to shared voices of questioning.

tonight we’ll be hearing a collaged mix from the festival featuring sounds and music from (in running order): Carolina Mendonça (remote viewing report), HATAM (tellurian lube), Hila Lahav (windways), Jasmine Guffond and Julia Reidy (remote listening), Catalina Insignares (remote viewing report), Gretchen Blegen (beyond beyond), and Mars Dietz (shred the means).

for more information:
*the excerpt of the last section of this broadcast comes from Nadezhda Kutepova
**graphic design by Mitchell Gilbert Messina