Your Mom’s is happy to welcome Cindy Wonderful once more for a Baton Rouge Locals Only special. Cindy is an ex-Berliner, musician, radio DJ, and curator now based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In this energetic show, she shares some of her favourite tracks made by BR locals only, ranging from pop to hip-hop, to punk rock. For more BR goodness, check out Cindy’s shows on www.mixcloud.com/batonrougelocalsonly/

Robyn Belle and Reed Willis - Missed Connections
Mirko Hendrix - Mirkos Disco
_thesmoothcat and Custodian - Wash Yo Hands
The Fellas - Barcelona
A Band Name Hyckoriii - & Sum Change
Desean - Tell me where you been
Jireh - Scene
Doobie Corozon - Like Mine
Quadry feat Teo Halm - Mama
Sincerely Blve - Answers
Dylan Cage - Feelings
Damien Vessel Feat Absunti and Zenith - Wounds
Slowmile Swift - Groupies
Flowerchile - I don’t know if its forever
Uyen - Trahaocuc
Museumgoer - Pagans at the ATM
NellaXan - AleXANdria
Boi Dreamz - Handsome
RiaRosa - Better then Nothin
Your Mom - Aluminum Foil