We Stay Apart Because We Love Each Other. Love is Stronger than Greed. London Improvisers Orchestra, 'conducted' by Caroline Kraabel For over 21 years the London Improvisers Orchestra has been rehearsing and performing large-group free and conducted improvisations on the first Sunday ...Read More

REPLAY In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #64 spielen Volkan T error und Toby Dope ein paar Free Jazz Tracks. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! www.endzeit-industry.com Read More

Replay vom 01.04.2012 Substrat #9 Die Pest attempts to broadcast the contagious side of substrate; scratching a pickup across the dark earth stranding in Whitby so many years ago, the vampiric imprint of technology. With particularly virulent contributions from Leif Elggren, die ...Read More

19th of April Titre: Tales from Beneath Episode 14: Next Years Crop with Labjure Description: "Seeing the falling apart and disintegration of that which is rotten to the core and can no longer be fixed. It becomes fertilizer for next year’s crop.” ...Read More

Fourtrack on Stage - die Radiosendung über die Konzertreihe im Schokoladen Mitte. Unterstützt den Schokoladen mit einer Spende: https://schokoladen-mitte.de/ Fourtrack on Stage Buy Music Club - Bandcamp-Liste: https://buymusic.club/list/fourtrack-on-stage-fourtrack-on-stage Tracklisting: 1. Shotgun Jimmie - Skype Date 2. Jeffrey Lewis & Tuli Kupferburg - Try ...Read More

YAYIN BALIGI (Eine Orient Taxi Produktion) ist eine deutsch-türkische Sendung mit spannenden Themen und Gästen. Der Ansatz der Sendung entspringt dem Thema Der Weg und Unterwegssein. Damit ist gemeint nicht nur der Ortswechsel, sondern auch eine kognitive Reise durch Erkenntnisse ...Read More

Here come two more episodes of Your Mom's Arts x Music x New Tech podcast series mixed by René Dittmar. Number 5 features Simonne Jones and Justine Perry teaching DJing and production in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, in collaboration ...Read More