Thank you for tuning in to Female Frequencies on reboot.fm and Chimeres radio. Since we are sheltering in place like everyone else, we’re sending out a mix this evening of some tracks from past shows. In the meantime, to help you weather this crisis you can also listen to our show archive at https://www.mixcloud.com/female_frequencies. Stay safe everyone!


Sakegashira - Ambient1223
Sakegashira - Physical Tonight (Niet! Remix)
French Concession - End of Time
Debit - The Border Crossed Us
Leila Samir - Anxiety
Ane feat. Kamil Siudziński & Ireneusz Włoch - Generał
Lara Sarkissian - Gnum + The Waves Recoutal (Siete Catcore Hybrid Remix)
Lost Algorithm & Ikigai (Pooja B) - Uninterrupted
Lost Algorithm & Varya Karpova - Resolution of Death
HYENAZ - Columns (Consumer Refund Remix)
Myako - Spider Monkeys