We are sheltering in place but like always, socially distancing ourselves from the fascists. Learn about what some autocrats are up to and ideas to get involved in the fight coming afterwards. Hosted by Diana Arce (she/her), Tina Lee (she/her), and Miriam Aced (she/her).  Brought to you by Artists Without a Cause, Wählen Gegen Rechts and Migration Voter

Program Notes:

  1. International Roundup

We’ve all read The Pandemic is a Portal, but who’s using the pandemic as a power grab?

- Israel’s voters had a nasty surprise when the main opposition party (Kahol Lavan) joined with Netanyahu’s Likud, handing Bibi the Prime Minister position for the foreseeable future. Just in time for Bibi to install emergency coronavirus measures increasing his power even more.  (Also read Migration Voter’s special report on how COVID-19 has brought a law stealing from asylum seekers under new scrutiny.)

- Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, dominated by PM Victor Orban, outdid itself by sinking even further into complete authoritarianism in response to COVID-19. Orban has been granted emergency powers to rule by decree with no time limit and has cancelled elections. The European Union could bring infringement proceedings but instead has reacted with a collective sigh. Guess they’re having trouble getting work done from home?

- India’s clusterfuck roll-out of lockdown measures affecting 1.3 billion people has resulted in a massive crisis for the nation’s many migrant workers, some of whom have died trying to get back to their homes in a mass exodus after losing employment.

- In the USA, Trump has swapped out hydroxychloroquine for his daily 12 Diet Cokes and is directly responsible for 37,000 deaths that would not have occurred if the government had acted even one week earlier to install quarantine measures.

  1. Germany Roundup

- Will the newly instated Federal Cabinet Committee Against Right-Wing Extremism only be symbolic? (German)

- Each One Teach One will start its #Afrozensus to get a more comprehensive picture of the lives of people of African descent in Germany, including their expectations of society and politics.

- International Women’s Space is working hard to support refugee women during this pandemic and also give us a view into their daily lives inside detention centers across Germany. Conditions are bleak and not much is being reported by the media. Listen to their Corona Lager Reports which will be updated regularly.

3) Good stuff to do!

- International efforts to get free vaccination are happening on two fronts. Diana joined a group of 300 activists campaigning to Free the Vaccine and now 140 leaders worldwide are also calling for a People’s Vaccine.

- Poland’s badass women protested from home and obliterated their governments cowardly attempt to take advantage of Covid to ban abortion and sex ed (those fucking monsters). Other movements can learn from them how to protest under lockdown.

- White Guilt Clean Up Online Book Club continues next week Thursday & Friday reading “So you want to talk about race” by Ijeoma Oluo. More details and links to sign up to a group are available here. WGCU Online Book Club is free and welcomes donations!

- US-Americans! Save USPS & support voters! Contact your senators to ask for vote by mail and remember to tell your loved ones stateside to fill out the census!


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  • Depeche Mode Shake the Disease

  • Race for the Prize - Flaming Lips

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