Are the structures that so much of contemporary daily life revolve around culturally coded? If so, what are the codes and do they inform how technical infrastructures are implemented? This is a discussion about how technology works and how it ...Read More

Poet Eric 1key from Kigali brings his own unique presence to the festival, commenting on events with musical interventions and spoken-word interjections, reciting poetry from his repertoire and performing music. Eric 1key holds daily Zoom sessions in which he appears ...Read More

bi'bakaudio is a program of curated listening events that aims to find audiophile approaches to music, society and politics. From live radio shows to record listening sessions, mini-concerts, artist talks and soundscapes, bi'bakaudio invites the listener to hear the musical ...Read More

Klaus Lederer (tbc) / Alicia Agustin / Oliver Baurhenn / Wagner Carvalho Moderation: Marc-André Schmachtel Berlin boasts one of the most international art scenes in Germany and Europe, with myriad independent little art spaces. How has the situation changed after the ...Read More

Amauta Mixtapes  is a four-part experimental acoustic reportage focused on epistemologies in resistance and sistered struggles. Assembled by Nomad Agency/Archive of Emergent Studies, a research studio and transdisciplinary platform that intersects advanced resilient practices, promotes studying against the grain, and ...Read More

DJ Pam Bam / Sho Madjozi Read More

It Is a Potion for Willfulness That I Am Concocting is the fourth episode of the commissioned series in 4 acts by artist Yemisi Aribisala, ‘Wait, I’m bringing a bird out of my pocket’. The series title refers to a ...Read More

Kitchen Table Talks is a daily morning slot conceived as an informal and performative space for conversations around a kitchen table, to deliberate in a polyphonic way, on tactics to unsettle racist/homophobic/machist/transphobic structures we inhabit, on the possibility of repair, ...Read More

The vinyl archaeologist, publicist, musician and DJ Sebastian Reier from Hamburg has shown interest in Turkish pop from the 70s and 80s since ages. He has been touring as DJ for 10 years under the pseudonym Booty Carell. A tour ...Read More