Tonight on Female Frequencies we present a special guest mix by Inverno, who has curated tracks from women artists from the female:pressure network and beyond. A Berlin-based DJ committed to the concept of anonymity, she aims to keep the focus on the music and not the identity or the face behind the decks. “I am what I play. Each set is a snapshot of a moment, a mood.”

Anastasia Kristensen - The Flight
Sophia Saze - Shed
Stephanie Sykes - Glimmer of Existence
Serena Butler - You have penetrated me
Jamaika Suk - Kontort
Anetha -Virtual Ritual
Nur Jaber - Express Yourself
VTSS - Atlantyda
Nene H - How do you dare to
Anetha & Sugar - Candy from Strangers
Black Lotus - Mass Hypnosis
Katy Seres - Interplanetary Dust Clouds