We pick the artist - They pick the music.

Underground Institute Picks is curated by the Underground Institute, an international agency for adventurous music and platform for culture. UI Picks episodes are tailored for selected underground radio stations.

In This episode Portugese multi-instrumentalist Rita Braga explores the whimsical and theatrical recordings made in the 20th century, with some of her favourites throughout the decades, taking you on a time travel through pleasant and delirious roads from 1905 to 1996 - from early wax cylinder single-take recordings, via elaborte cosmic and space-age instrumentals, to expressive and often camp vocalists.

This episode of UI Picks features Grace Jones, Helen Kane, Sun Ra, Hildegard Knef, Klaus Nomi and more.

O Estacionamento (music video) - www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1ev9bQI2c4
Bandcamp - https://ritabraga.bandcamp.com/


image by: Rita Delille

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01. Concert Grand Console Music Box - In My Merry Oldsmobile (1905)
02. Ada Jones and Billy Murray – Shine on Harvest Moon (c. 1909)
03. Arthur Collins – And the Great Big World Went Round and Round (1916)
04. Otto Rathke And Lucie Bernardo - The Okeh Laughing Record (1922)
05. Helen Kane – I Wanna Be Bad (1929)
06. Florence Desmond – Deepest Shelter in Town (1941)
07. Cab Calloway – The Ghost of Smokey Joe (1939)
08. Ethel Smith – The Breeze and I (1947)
09. Ferrante and Teicher – The Moon was Yellow (1957)
10. Andre Popp – La Java Des Bombes Atomiques (1957)
11. Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo - Space Reflex (1963)
12. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Lancet Bossa Nova (1966)
13. Sun Ra – Love in Outer Space (1970)
14. Hildegard Knef – September Song (1975)
15. Amanda Lear – Dreamer (South Pacific) (1979)
16. Klaus Nomi – Falling in Love Again (1981)
17. Jorge Mautner - Cinco Bombas Atómicas (1985)
18. Grace Jones - Buletproof Heart (1989)
19. Miharu Koshi and Haruomi Hosono – Yuki-ya-konko (1996)