Coming out you from the plague-ridden banana republic of the U*S*A Diana Arce (she/her) and Tina Lee (she/ her) are far away and sheltering in place but still pissed off at Seehofer. Its not a contest for wannabe fascists- they all suck! This week we’re discussing a wave of surprising protests in Eastern Europe, neo-nazi infiltration in the German police (again) and more.

Hosted by Diana Arce (she/her), Tina Lee (she/her) (Miriam Aced will be back next month!).  Brought to you by Artists Without a Cause, Wählen Gegen Rechts and Migration Voter.

Program Notes:

  1. International Roundup

- In the USA, proliferation of Q-anon and anti-vaxx conspiracy theories and polarization are making COVID-19 impossible to handle, causing grown adults to act like this.

- Major protests in Serbia, Belarus and Hungary point to the fact that people fed up with authoritarian regimes cracking down on press and civil freedoms are also realizing that, in a pandemic, lack of access to accurate information is a life or death situation.

2) Germany Roundup

- Threats against prominent Women of Color and other public figures in Germany from “NSU.20” seem to have originated from police computers in Hesse, hotbed of neo-nazi activity. Cause for worry? No, none of the police officers have lost their jobs and Seehofer canceled an inquiry into systemic racism by police.

3) Good stuff to do!

- Join the Lufthansa Boycott! Find info via Black Lives Matter Berlin Instagram and Facebook.

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- Check out International Women* Space new podcast! Episode 2 features Diana Arce talking all things COVID and BLM!

- Diana was also featured on episode 5 of Bartunde Thurston’s podcast, We’re Having a Moment! Check it out!

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Fever- The Black Keys - 4:06

Hard Times - Seinabo Sey - 3:29

Version City - The Clash - 4:23

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