Tarkampa is a music project, a band and a nickname for Riccardo Massari Spiritini the composer, sound artist and performer born in Italy in 1966, and based in Barcelona since 2000. Riccardo’s production ranges from electronic music to chamber electroacoustic compositions, alternative rock and sound-art.After more than 30 years of activities his work has reached a personal sound character and a solid aesthetic direction. Many of his works have been played through Europe, Mexico and the US. As a performer he travelled and played internationally with many musicians.


A voice, nine text fragments, and music in a stream of 55 minutes


Sounds, Light, Smell, Touch and Mind
Are just one thing, even when we try to separate them. Because the phenomenon is just what is there,
Not the division we make intellectually.

We have to cultivate our perception
And see and hear and feel just what is there. No expectations_ No memories_ Now.

(This is difficult, this is easy, it depends on you. When you can do it, it ́s just freedom of the truth.)


Truth is a state of mind.
It is not black or white.
Everything is just there.
We must improve our attention and perception.

Even the fake is, when you realise it, truth. Even our fantasy becomes truth, through reality. It is just a state of mind.

And furthermore,
Truth always comes as an end,

Sometimes slowly.
When it is free to act, it accelerates what instead Falsity and the fake tend to slow down.
Falsity causes turmoil.
Truth, even when hard to accept, gives freedom For things to be and therefore, peace.


Love is giving.
No possession, or desire.
Love is desire of bliss for the others. Love is desire of fusion with the world, With people and things,
With the entire universe.

Love has no identity, it can take any.

So sex, is just a small part of it, A physical reflection,
A way love manifests itself.

Also, a lion kills with love,
Thankful to nature,
For the possibility to survive by hunting.


The Voice you hear

My voice_
Is not my voice
……….. What do you see? Just listen.

It is your voice,
Is it?
Or the voice of someone else? Does it matter?

Perceive what is there, By You,
Nothing more.


Death we hardly accept, Because we hardly accept The changing of things.

Nothing really dies
Everything constantly changes, Slowly or fast
Or abruptly.

So there is no death,
But change, constant flow.

Everything transforms

And death is a phase Of transformation.

So life and death Are practically
The very same thing.


Human is a special powerful animal,
That should care about all things,
That should be wise…
But turned out to be a transforming factor of life on the planet.

[That he called earth himself_ read more under the terms: earth / planet / extinction / climate change]


Nature is the name that humans gave to all the things that are not human or not a consequence of human presence.

Nature is something that you tend to perceive as external, Which is completely wrong.


Memory – Time Illusion
It can help. But also be destructive

All sequences are memory written on matter


There is a deep discrepancy.

I do not feel represented
By the people in power,
And I do not feel represented By almost any so called “cultural agent”
Except by the people
Who are busy with Environmental activism…

And, There is not any urgency
For culture and entertainment
In these times,
Because everything must be changed And / or reconstructed.

Discrepancy Must be resolved Fragmentation Must be resolved Dispersion
Must be resolved


Spoken voice: Tamar St.Clair

Musicians: Tony Peña (el.guitar and bass), Guillermo Gonzales(voice), Sbibu (Percussions), Riccardo Massari (Voice, Piano, electronica and Tarcordium),Pablo Posa (drums), Feliciano Garcia Zecchin (Trumpet), Sergi Puertas (guitar and bass)

Concept, texts, lyrics and production by Riccardo Massari Spiritini TARKAMPA studios Barcelona, August 2020

Many thanks to all, and many thanks to Meira Asher who invited us and made this project possible.

this radio show contains music from the album TRES RITUS MARINS by Tarkampa (the song Anima in particular) – other pieces from the album Valdensong by VALDEN (Riccardo Massari/ Tony Peña) and material from the music project SARDINIAN CACTUS ( Riccardo Massari/Pablo Posa). You can find these pieces on the corresponding Bandcamp pages.

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