Andrew Claristidge:

Smforma: Sexo Surrealista 
Housemeister: Feel Like
Sebastian Voigt: Sequential (Neil Landstrumm Remix)  
Anaxander: Backalitt 
Karl Malone: He Hate Me
Butch Sundance: Nuclear Game
Neurotic Drum Band: The Last Parabola
Thomaas Banks: Necare Disko (Hymns Remix)
Apollo Noir: Bifurcation Towards Chaos (Lokier Remix)
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor: Fold
Karabine: Red October (MK-Delta Project)
Polygon Window: Supremacy II

Plastique De Rêve:

M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume
Motive 8: Mission (Demolition Mix)
Arthur Baker And The Disciples: It’s Your Time
Wood Allen: Airport 89
Future Sound Of London: We Have Explosive
Blind Vision: Don’t Look At Me
Luxor: Superstitious
Friends Of Matthew: Out There (Techno Mix)
Gat Decor: Passion
N-JOI: Bad Things
Gipsy: I Trance You (Mix 1)
CJ Bolland: Camargue (slow edit)