Do Nazis gravitate to the police or does the police make people into Nazis? We don’t know, but we have to talk about it AGAIN this episode. This month we are talking about Greece’s right wing party, Golden Dawn, and its politicians finally being tried in a court of law, ex-spokesperson of the far right AfD in Germany talking of shooting or gassing migrants and one brave juror in the Breonna Taylor Grand Jury telling the public about what is really going on with her case. Hosted by Diana Arce (she/her), Tina Lee (she/her), and Miriam Aced (she/her). Brought to you by Artists Without a Cause, Wählen Gegen Rechts and Migration Voter.


1) International Roundup

- Right Wing party, Golden Dawn gets charged in Greece
- Moria refugee camp update
- Matteo Savini charged with kidnapping refugees and trial going forward
- #EndSARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) Protests growing massively in Nigeria
- American Ambassador to Netherlands hosts fundraiser for Far Right

2) Germany Roundup

- Right-wing party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), speaker - well now former speaker - makes comment about shooting or gassing foreigners (Pro7 documentary in German “RECHTS. DEUTSCH. RADIKAL.”)
- More connections between neo-nazis and police via WhatsApp in NRW (sharing pics of migrants in concentration camps)
- 1,500 cops evict Berlin’s squat Liebig34 in the midst of a pandemic - really Berlin?
- Fragdenstaat.de for freedom of information requests
- Map of “Einzelfälle” of police forces

3) US/North America Roundup

- Data tracing Trump COVID-19 or on the NY Times
- AG Sessions Memo - split them up
- Caravan from central america
- Expedited deportations rules are now expanded for immigration police (ICE). This is trouble for anyone who is not white.
- Breonna Taylor murder gets botched by Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron, who blames Grand Jury. Turns out he didn’t present murder charges as an option. Anonymous Grand Juror wants to speak publicly, which the AG is now trying to prevent!




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- Sudan Archives - Confessions (4:04)
- iMarkkeyz featuring Cardi B - Coronavirus (2:34)
- A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebaum (3:37)
- iMarkkeyz x DJ Suede The Remix God - Kamala Harris (I’m Speaking) #VicePresidentialDebate (1:47)

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