In the mid 2000’s, poor countries in sub saharan Africa started giving large tracts of land, some of it snatched from smallholders in what could only be described as the equivalent of ‘trickle down agriculture’ ; i.e that these large farms would be given to multinational conglomerates at close to no charge and in return, some produce from such a farm would be alloted to the local market. It caused such an uproar with certain NGO’s that it became a hot button topic amongst those who were in favor of it and those who thought this smacked of Neo-colonialism!! Alas it was not to be as one after another of these projects fell apart!!! We are going to revisit this folly with my guest Jonas wedekind, An author and a doctoral candidate at Humboldt university who has worked on this issue for a long time. Stay tuned because this issue relates to even bigger issues and i wonder if we shall be limited by such an hour!!!