We pick the artist - They pick the music.

UI Picks is curated by the Underground Institute, an international agency for adventurous music and platform for culture. UI Picks episodes are tailored for selected underground radio stations.

Icelandic producer and performer dj. flugvél og geimskip (Airplane & Spaceship) curates a fabulous, alien episode focused on color.

I recently found out that I see music and feel it as colors and texture (synesthesia) and have chosen a mix of songs that for me are specially colorful or have a vivid landscape or texture.

When I was a kid I remember listening to music and suddenly being somewhere else - my mind filled with colors and patterns… In icelandic the word for landscape is: musical-song-scape…”

This episode of UI Picks feat. Mort Gason, Raymond Scott, Joe Meek, Asha Bhosle and more.

GLAMÚR Í GEIMNUM! video - www.youtube.com/watch?v=isaikU8Bkuc
Bandcamp: https://djflugveloggeimskip.bandcamp.com


Image by: Saga Sig

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01. Bernard Hermann - Solar Diamonds
02. dj. flugvél og geimskip - Eldey
03. Santho and Johnny - Song of the Islands
04. Raymond Scott - Portofino #1
05. Nino Rota - La Poupee Automate
06. Band 4 Nada - Rangkain melati
07. Til Madness - Ancient Legendary Club Space
08. Basil Kirchin - Music Box
09. Mort Garson - Baby’s Tears Blues
10. Martin Denny - The Enchanted Sea
11. DJ Zinc - Casino Royale
12. Kabayun & Drip Drop - Khabi Na Marsi
13. Kosmodod - Skynsemi
14. Charanjit Singh - Raga Kalavati
15. Michael Atheron - Maat: Truth, Balance, Order (Instrumental)
16. Asha Bhosle / Rahul Dev Burman / Marjooh Sultanpuri - Koi Aaaa Aane Bhi De
17. Diah Iskandar & Diselina - Kelap Kelip
18. Joe Meek - Love Dance of the Saroos