HOERMASCHINE89 will try a spectrum analysis on the actual backbone of development, money, and politics. Or, in other words, “to measure the power of the spectrum of known and unknown signals.” Read More

Parahrono Time in isolation has turned into an amorphous mass. Repetitive housebound activities render even the most well-organised of us struggling to keep track of time. Desperately seeking to extract an iota of excitement, mundane occurrences are seen in new light. ...Read More

This episode features archival agricultural agency recordings of various pest sounds, recent Rice Academy recordings as part of Lab Kill Lab in Taipei and some rice bug accompaniments. Many thanks to Shu LEa Cheang, Taro and HsienYu Cheng. Read More

Ladyland 4 geht auf den Strich. Ist Sex Arbeit? Kann Prostitution Spaß machen? Darf eine Feministin ihren Körper gegen Geld verkaufen? Wo findet Sex statt, in den Genitalien oder im Kopf? Wer wird beim Tauschhandel Sex gegen Geld letztendlich mehr ...Read More

Zum Tod von Lou Noack: Im Interview aus dem Jahr 2010 erzählt der Musiker Lou Noack viel interessantes aus seinem Leben, seinen Bands (Acapulco Radio, die Mukketierbande uvm.), der Berliner Musikszene der 80iger und 90iger Jahre, Ahne von den Surfpoeten und ...Read More

16:00 - 17:00 Welcome back to the Anton Wilhelm Amo Center this Sunday on SAVVYZΛΛR for the second part of tuning into the eminent philosopher and activist: One recurring question around Anton Wilhelm Amo’s vehement postulate of the impassible human mind ...Read More