You Hear The Muses Cross the States of Quo?

Ep. 2: No Harm To Harmony

16:00 - 17:00

Lakes of wounded shells = underwater life left to decompose / to the offbeat of an unequal equation bouncing 100% rhythm of nature [(mind the gap) in the feedback! Maximum-salt-to-minimum-sweetwater-sound systems (hear) the chorus] to solve f’(x) nature’s ratio of saltwater and freshwater ~ that of our body fluids. One. And two. And one-two-two-andn. How many x inputs wait for y to output?

At the shores of decomposed systems, the Muses leave their quill. Crossing words. Setting heartbeats free. From the harms occupying harmony.

Re:Membering: If Balance is at heart - and your heart is hurt - there will be Muses heard -


by Arlette-Louise Ndakoze, Kamila Metwaly, and Kelly Krugman

With: A conversation between Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock, Kelly Krugman, Kamila Metwaly and Arlette-Louise Ndakoze

Archive: Lesley-Ann Brown in a conversation with Olani Ewunnet 2018 at SAVVY Contemporary, Elaine Mitchener in Let’s Talk Off The Podium with Tigran Arakelyan, Mr. Adama 2019 at Lac Retba in Senegal

And further inscribed sonic systems

Visual: At the shores of Lake Retba, Senegal. Its decomposing underwater life has, over time, made the sweetwater turn to salt. Lake Retba is the source of Senegal’s significant salt industry. Photo taken in 2019 by Arlette-Louise Ndakoze during her research on Panafrican philosophy.

17:00 - 18:00


Music From Turtle Island

For the second session with First Voices Radio, Tiokasin Ghosthorse brings us three indigenous musicians, Ed Kabotie (Hopi/Tewa), Cody Coyote, and Charley Buckland from Arizona, Ontario, and New York. Continuing the tracing of indigenous music and storytelling, we follow the tracks of these instrumentalists: moving into orbits of resistance by means of the sonic.

Ed Kabotie is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and multifaceted creative from the Tewa village of Khap’o Owinge and the Hopi village of Shungopavi. Ed’s creative expressions take the forms of paintings, drawings, silver craft, and multilingual musical compositions; he uses the arts and music to educate people about social justice issues related to the Indigenous people and lands of the Colorado Plateau.

Cody Coyote is a multi-award nominated and award-winning hip-hop and electronic artist. Cody is of Ojibwe and Irish descent with ancestry from Matachewan First Nation in Ontario. With his fusion of strong, profound lyricism accompanied by corresponding influential sounds, Cody grasps his listeners’ attention and delivers a mesmerizing performance. Outside of music, Cody is also a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, and radio host.

Charley Buckland is a multi-instrumentalist composer and songwriter, having performed and recorded with numerous artists including: Z-Cars, Roxx, Jarryd, Cherri Red, Phantom, Ghosthorse, Matou, Mecca Bodega and Atomic Mary. Charley has composed and produced numerous recordings, including: Spider Heart, Dreams, Woodlands, Symbiotic, Lakota Theme for the Lakota Sioux Indian Dance Theater, Peoples Wings for the first Native American Music Awards (NAMA); and Southern Grass for the play First Time for Barbie which won the Beaux Arts Award for Best Play. He has taught as an adjunct music professor at Webster University in Holland.