Plastique de Rêve:

Neera: Sacred

Astral Projection: Still Dreaming

Escape From New York: Fire In My Heart (Instrumental Dub)

Michael Boddicker: Outland Rec Room

Ministry: The Angel

Masters At Work: Alright Alright (Club Mix)

Time Modem: Suono Elettrico

Legowelt: Voice Of Triumph

Utah Saints: Something Good

U2: Lemon (Perfecto Mix)

Ragged Life: My Friend Is Taking Drugs (DJ Freud Vision)

Andrew Claristidge:

Yello: Stanztrigger

Control Voltage: 2

Neil Landstrumm: I Trade My Ass For Drugs

David Carretta: Station To Station

Automat: DNG

Deux Control: Freaks

Acid Washed: Acid Washed (The Hacker remix)

CT Kidobo: Bipolar

John Parsley: Coin Crash (Bird Of Paradise´s Goodbye Mix)

Odopt: Annpala

Timothy Clerkin: Wilderness

Number Nine: Zim Boom

Rone: 8pm