Tonight we, Zuri Maria Daiß and Oliver Baurhenn, are meeting online some studio guests: Analaura Rincón, producer and DJ as also organizer of the parties MESS and Mala Junta, then we will welcome our former CTM colleagues Joanna Szlauderbach and Sarah Lauzemis, who both have a child now and followed CTM Festival online. We will talk about their experiences as working mothers and how to join cultural events digitally. As last guest we will welcome Sam Eyvaz from Future East Festival. He will also be our studio guest in the upcoming CTM Radio edition. Tonight you will get a first glimpse on his amazing work. Enjoy!


Future East Festival
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqbfRAdnXlJzE67ARHfkhhg?view_as=subscriber


Ana Laura Rincón aka Hyperaktivist
Producer, dj, runs the event series Mala Junta & Mess

CTM Festival