16:00 - 18:00 Summoning Invocations | Calling On Julius Eastman, Partitura I & II

In honor of this year’s MaerzMusik collaboration, where at SAVVY the tribute is to Halim El Dabh with ‘Here History Began’, we summon Julius Eastman anew and hear his echoes from 2017 of MaerzMusik.

With the series ‚Summoning Invocations,’ we revisit public programmes from SAVVY Contemporary’s living archives: calling upon projects, presences, and voices of our spirited pasts. In this session, Julius Eastman is visited in a two hour deep listening to WE HAVE DELIVERED OURSELVES FROM THE TONAL: OF, WITH, TOWARDS, ON JULIUS EASTMAN. We attend to Eastman’s prolific life long work and musicality, delving into the atonalities and never-ending vibrations of his sonic worlds as a composer, musician and performer. Eastman’s influence blasts out of the sonic directly into the cultural, political and social domains, and in these two hours his work becomes a broader rhizomatic relation to musical epistemologies and sonic practices at large.

We listen to music by Julius Eastman, in conversation with many artists whom we have shared time with to reflect on, think together and invoke Eastman within our collective consciousness.

We will hear Christine Eyene’s “Body Vessel. On Black Sonic Heritage, Perception and Translation”, and revibrations from a panel with Jean-Christophe Marti, Sumanth Gopinath, Raven Chacon, and Christine Eyene. Music by Julius Eastman is also featured, alongside a lecture by Kodwo Eshun entitled “Unbinding Eastman”, and a talk by Mary Jane Leach, ”Living Roles to the Fullest”.