IRIDE PROJECT” are Massimo Davi and Monica Miuccio. A duo and a journey through Non-Deterministic Electro-Acoustic Music and Sound Research in both Digital and Analogue domains.
Massimo Holds a Master Degree in Music, he is a Sound Artist, Pianist and Composer. Monica is a Performer and Writer, her prize-winning literary works featured in prestigious publications such as the academic psychology magazine “Tecniche Conversazionali” (Milano). Monica’s novels are often the core of Iride Project’s research on experimental sound-emphasis poetry.
Their works were performed worldwide and were regularly broadcast by Irish National Radio RTÉ Lyric FM in the programs “Nova” and “The Blue Of The Night” both curated by Bernard Clarke. In November 2020 they were also part of Radiophrenia 2020 festival.
IRIDE PROJECT played live at ISSTA Irish Sound Science and Technology Association Congresses, Spatial Music Collective SMC events – Dublin, Association of Irish Composers AIC events, Phonica – Dublin, Prague Quadriennial of Performance Design – Prague, and more.
Portas Do Sol (8’10”)
Le Streghe Di Montenerodomo (The Witches of Montenerodomo) 13’13”
Listen. See. Sneak Out (35 min.)
About the compositions:
Portas Do Sol (8’10”)
A megaphone made out of a watering can, an outcast hymning to the earth, a cry for help,
the birds and bells of Lisbon Portas Do Sol give shape to this Sound Sculpture based on
electro-acoustic improvisation on field recordings and random percussive set.
Le Streghe Di Montenerodomo (The Witches of Montenerodomo) 13’13”
A Sound-Based Poetry piece based on the short story “Le Streghe di Montenerodomo” by Monica Miuccio, published by Keltia Editrice in 1996. Bernard Clarke adapted the text to suit the idea of Radio Art and narrated it with his distinctive and unique style.
“The members of an archaic community embody their fears of the natural calamities that hit
them in a manifestation of Devil: Witches. The people engage in a fight against them revealing that their superstition is not rooted in mere ignorance, but in a pre-Christian belief that their isolation has preserved, and that now lives side by side with the Word of Gospel. But more than prayers and magic can their sense of unity. Relying on each other in a circle of strength they defeat the witches in the very same moment they defeat fear. Even when the witches have gone, so strong is their belief in their actions to shape history to their creed, turning reality into a legend” (Monica Miuccio)
It is an All-Analogue piece as it was created by manipulating voices and percussion in real time with an analogue modular synthesizer. Filters, Effects, Panning, were controlled by CV motion sensor devices and pedals.
Voices: Bernard Clarke & Monica Miuccio
Released on a 13th day at 1313hrs
Listen. See. Sneak Out (35 min.)
“In the consuming flow of time, from childhood to manhood, iconoclasm worms its way out of a man crushed by shame and guilt. Images observe him, they reveal his dark secrets.
By purging all those accusing smiles he secures a momentary relief. As his resentment grows stronger, he retaliates against the most famous smile but he fails and by realising that people can’t comprehend his mind and never will, he learns that “misunderstanding” is freedom to treasure personal secrets.”
Author: Iride Project, Massimo Davi & Monica Miuccio
Text by Monica Miuccio published in 2000 by the academic psychology
magazine Tecniche Conversazionali (Milano), adapted, interpreted and narrated by
Bernard Clarke.