Journalist Mercy Abang gives us the run down of what’s going on in Nigeria at the end of the episode. Oh, and capitalism is still killing us. Hosted by Diana Arce (she/her), Tina Lee (she/her), and Miriam Aced (she/her) in absentia. Brought to you by Artists Without a Cause, Wählen Gegen Rechts and Migration Voter.

International Round Up
- Nigeria & the tweet heard around the world
- G7 Meeting - West still allowing capitalism to kill us
- EU President, Von Der Leyen making bullshit excuses to prevent the patent waiver.
- Prime Minister of France, Macron went rogue and is now fully supporting a patent waiver for COVID vaccines.
- Apparently G7 leaders (Canada, USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy) leaders think, 1 billion vaccines and vaccinating the world by 2022 will end the pandemic. We’re not optimistic about anyplan that doesn’t include a patent waiver.
- No more tax havens? G7 agrees on global minimum tax.
- Denmark passes legislation enabling transfer of asylum seekers to offshore processing centers yet again winning the price for most blatantly racist government, masquerading as moderates.

Germany Round Up
- SURPRISE: There are nazis in the police forces, again… Special forces in Frankfurt (Hessen) needed to be disbanded because 19 in active duty were part of a Nazi chat group!
- CDU and the COVID mask scandals - yeah plural, cus there’s more than one. It’s a lot!

Too many stories, but we cover a large portion. procurement-scandal-257288/

- Sachsen-Anhalt Election results: CDU wins but losers are the young people who voted overwhelmingly AfD.
- Update - looks like political party die Urbane, eine Hip Hop Partei allowed to get on the ballot for Berlin local elections! Send them your signatures!
- BLM Protest is happening in Berlin on July 2nd starting at 3:30PM at Pariser Platz in Mitte. Check out the BLM Berlin website for more details in the near future, as well as resources for protesters.

US Round Up
- Propublica gets the tax files of the 1% - we bet you pay more taxes than any of them!
- Jan 6th commision ain’t happening, no one’s getting in trouble, just like Diana predicted in our Deep Dive about the storming of the US Capitol.

Mercy Abang, one of the most syndicated journalists on the African continent is giving filling us in on what is going on in Nigeria. She works for NewsWire.NG and has written for Al Jazeera.

Sugar Mama - Dua Saleh (2:35)
Il Mio Bungalow - Cucchi Gang (3:19)
Mars, God of War - The Beths (2:57)

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