The Fierce Urgency of Now is named after a speech from Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat Representive in New York City, who used the phrase to talk about the need to address inequalities in America at the time of the storming of ...Read More

This set includes works by the female:pressure network members and others. Curated by Meira Asher. Image by Sharon Kotler. Tracklist: 01 Ekheo [Aude Langlois & Belinda Sykora] - This is My Voice 02 Claudia Wegener - Wiki Women Zambia 03 Catenation [Sylvia Hinz ...Read More

Thomas Rehnert - Schlagzeug und Maschinenmusik Thomas Rehnert fühlt sich vom freien Jazz geprägt, spielte allerdings als Schlagzeuger in Punkbands, allerdings entwickelte er sich in den Bereich der experimentellen Musik weiter. Er beschäftigt sich mit elektroakustischer Musik, Maschinenmusik und Automaten. Er ...Read More

_ new releases _ band Späti Smith (in memorian Läetitia Graffart) _ Bob Rutman _ women on music _ 1. 51 Lies, by Späti Smith (album „Und nun?“, March.2021) 2. Midnight Blues, by Späti Smith 3. Around You, by Späti Smith ...Read More

HORRORZONT BY BRANKA Musik Television Blonde I Dry Cleaning I Coby Sey I TĀLĀ I Wee & Arthur Russell Read More

This time the crew of RADIOEREVAN tries to capture the latest, fleeting and enduring thoughts on the digital. RADIOEREVAN listens to the artists and scientists of the Werkleitz Festival 2021 ( Read More

Re-Visiting Here History Began. Tracing the Re/Verberations of Halim El-Dabh During this Sunday’s SAVVYZAAR session we continue to honor Halim El-Dabh, through our project Here History Began. Tracing the Re/Verberations of Halim El-Dabh, as the second iteration of the project’s celebration ...Read More