gozel-radio-victimizationzs-pacifies-resistance Victimizers, who have been trying to be in power for a long time,
fill us all around us by making masks of subculture symbols /
phenomena, and they create obstacles by keeping a curtain in our
Their efforts to claim power by their victimization are the most
prominent characters and not only do this, but also pacify their
It’s like children’s hidden memories. Either the kid hides the
beating he received from his father, and in the future tries to become
the power-hungry chief / chief of the country. Or, hides the
rape/abuse that his/her father’s mother’s best friend did to him when
he/she was a child, and cannot disclose it.
Experienced as a child, this past beating, abuse or rape whose past
cannot be disclosed and cannot be avenged will consume the child for
Years later,  even tries to take revenge on the people Victimizers
calls “I am condemned for your love”
Years later, always both victim and perpetrator, and hurting
innocent people to the root.
They bully everywhere with the aid money that goes abroad from
Nattoman Papa or Kremlinullah Papa or Soap Opera Papa .At the same
time, he / she says, “This poor man never tried to be a sultan”.
Again, both the victim and the power.
Victimizationzs / Their traumas confront us when we grow up, either
as a chief/chief to plunder and destroy, or as a victim inclined to
pacify resistances.
.. says “ don’t go out to seek your rights ” while you are trying
to spill all the dirty laundry of the country” with an announcement
from abroad. When those who rebel for the tree throw stones to protect
themselves from the attack, they block the throwers.  even a like
snitch. Traditionally,   complains to the teacher of the class as a
Or Victimizationizsts blocks those who kick the closed doors of
power. to take revenge from the environments in which  was excluded;
It prevents the resistance of the root aid  that goes to the victims
of the bombed lands under the occupation. Both the chief who likes to
cling to the chair and all alt-subcultures are its uses.
to being a stalker . also talks about the events that happened to
someone else as if they happened to victimizationistzs  for example,
Victimizationzs  describes the security interrogation conducted by the
teams about someone else at the international airport as if it had
happened to victimizationist.
and makes an announcement for his role as a political resister
through victimization
and  He fights for the image and titles of the rebel prime minister
battling the country’s dirty old tutelage. but actually it agrees .
pacifying resistances creates spaces for them to reveal themselves.
power over victimization and pacifies resistance appear as elements
that feed each other .

program playlist ;
* Bondar - Bulgarian Breathe * Gomidas Ensemble - Babacığım * ZS
(@NYC) - 33% * Billy Pilgrim - Bitch Life V3 * Frankie Lymon & The
Teenagers - I’m Not a Juvenile Delinquentdelinquent * Serpill Örümcer
- Tombul Tombul * Dethkrush - Orospu Yelda * Mustafa Alkopon -
Beşparmaklar * Evil Moisture - Lucio Full Cheese * Georg Friedrich
Haas - İn Vain * M C P -  Misunderstood Hardcore Machines * Kutup
Yıldızı - Direnişçi Çiçeği * Purgen - Filosofiya Urbanisticeskogo *
Khan Uzito -  Wanachezaje