by accident, HOERMASCHINE94 is traveling to an island somewhere on our planet were just workers, skilled and unskilled, are living, high-powered laborers, good for nothing but work. but don't we know that story from somewhere? Read More

We are already beaten by the summer heat here at Radio Papesse in Florence, that's why we'd love to escape to other landscapes and to linger on other soundscapes. The Po river is the longest in Italy, flowing through ...Read More

This episode features more smoke and particle actions, this time as part of a workshop at crater in Ljubljana hosted by project atol. With thanks to Tina, Uros and all the participants. Read More

mit DJ Nerdinger Triste Janeiro - a beginning Dream Triste Janeiro - René de Marie The Pleasure Fair - Stay Around For The Good Times Collage - Virginia Day’s Ragtime Memories Gordian Knot - we must be doing something right Orpheus - can’t find the time Twinn Connexion ...Read More

Ruhm, Karriere und Instagram-Account der Britney Spears geben Rätsel auf: was ist Wille , was ist Zwang? Verschlüsselt sie in ihren Outfits tatsächlich Geheimbotschaften an die Fans, nimmt sie Drogen oder hat sie einfach nur schlechten Geschmack? Fasziniert verfolgen Diana ...Read More

A Return to Listening Into Placelessness, Listening Stations, and Untraining the Ear With Shanti Suki Osman with the participation of Marlo de Lara Revisiting Listening Sessions’ Untraining the Ear Sessions, Listening Stations refers to a mode and type of listening with our body ...Read More