Leonie Roessler - Composer and Performer raised in Germany and the US, now based in The Hague, Netherlands. Leonie captures her environment with field recordings, which she uses for radio pieces, sound installations, and instrumental compositions. Her works have been released through Musica Dispersa (Spain/UK), and Noise á Noise (Iran) and have been physically archived in the British Library.

Isfahan-Shiraz-Tehran (2020)
A noise journey through three Iranian cities. Leonie recorded all the source materials in Iran during several visits. It was released on Tehran-based label Noise à Noise.

Eau (2018)
During her residencies in Switzerland (as a guest composer for Forum Wallis Contemporary Music Festival, and as a participant of Pierre Mariétan’s at Atelier EcoArt in the Swiss Mountains), she archived the sound of fresh water running down the mountains. Water that collects in basins on trails and in villages All of these small fountains or basins have a characteristic sound, a different pitch, or even a melody. Leonie analysed the spectrum of these recordings and wrote six piano pieces called Eau. Especially for and in collaboration with pianist Akane Takada. Eau was premiered at Studio LOOS in The Hague.

This work was supported by IGNM-VS / Forum Wallis because of its artistic and environmental importance in a time in which water, and “the right to water” is increasingly becoming part of a political debate. While Switzerland has an abundance of fresh water, Nestle, which is based there, is cutting off water supplies to communities all over the world in an attempt to sell their own water back to people in plastic bottles.