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RADIO SUBMARINE. راديو الغواصة

with Yara Mekawei

With Radio Submarine, Yara Mekawei acknowledges memory as a record of keeping the spirits of the past alive, engrained within the relationality of sound. Radio Submarine is a dive into African sonorities: across times, traditions, technologies, and music. Reverberating with the aims of SAVVYZΛΛR, Yara Mekawei recollects dispersed memories to create counter-cartographies interconnected through sound.

“The Dead are now honoured by their absence; preserved in our memories, summoned by engineers to inhabit the little magic box of sound”, writes Louis Chode Sokei. With Radio Submarine, Mekawei infuses active listening into the mixing deck, as it becomes an archival tool and a connector bringing voices of the distant future to life through manipulations and transcendences of time.

The sessions trace African societies through their music, listening to various musical styles played at gatherings and special occasions and spoken across languages. The musical traditionals vastly embodied throughout the continent are intertwined with new musical impulses, bridging the old and new as spaces of continuous throbs of African sonorities.

Radio Submarine can also relate to the notion of the sub, the very low frequencies that are felt rather than heard. Traveling in the forms of vibrations through the air and water, sub-frequencies traverse across materialities and spaces: the sub implying a felt notion of an experience unheard, a language shared beyond words and occupying terrains of the infra-sonority resonant in the body. The (sub)marine then becomes a place of tracing and navigating through connectivity.

In a conversation with Kamila Metwaly from 2019, Mekawei expressed: “Africa is a continuation of what is considered an abandonment of spirit, as something that has left us behind. On the contrary, starting from Egypt and crossing to South Africa, our music is in fact based on a spiritual consciousness of relationships we carry through time. The music might be produced with new tools and technologies that are considered ‘modern’, but at the core of it, is an invocation of what multiple spiritualities are and mean across the vast geopolitical space we know to be Africa.”

Thinking through the movement of water, the sonic submarine dives into auditory phenomenons and aurality as a means of accessing embodied archives and possibilities of sharing and resonating tactile knowledges through sound.

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Northern Cocktail, Yara’s first session with SAVVYZΛΛR, traverses a kaleidoscopic range of music from Northern Africa through the veins of rap, hip hop, and R&B.

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THE FOURTH CORNER with Tito Valery

This Sunday, the fourth and final corner of artist, activist, and poet Tito Valery’s chronicles, archives, and travels into four corners of the same black stone springs into the air.

In the fourth corner, Tito draws back the curtain on his four-part series, embodied through mono-orations. In humor and satire, Tito in his final session expresses and establishes what it means to “be black”, reverberating beyond the particular experiences of its given tonalities, and extending into echoes with “othered” non-white bodies and beings in white spaces. Tito Valery proposes possibilities on how to assume one’s blackness in times of racial polarity, ongoing. Interludes of poetry are embedded, in particular one by Valery entitled, “Feedawn”, which envisions the end of racial oppressions towards black, indigenous, and people of color.

“Black Habits” by D. Smoke Harris and “Black” by Rapper Dave are heard, followed by Sandra Kinyuy reading her poem on female vulnerability.