The forest becomes desolate and empty. But there will be greetings again. The crew of RADIOEREVAN has a conversation about digital, media art, EU and more with TOTAL REFUSAL. ( Read More

Zhao brings contemporary and classic dance music together from all five continents, with focus on Africa. While his DJ sets reach from culture centers to remote areas of the globe, and from now back through the ages, DJ Zhao’s remix ...Read More

Berlin summer special! Things are heating up here and we have a great cross section of women, trans and non-binary Berlin-based artists – but not only – for our listeners tonight. Featuring Wilted Woman, Ale Hop, RUSNAM, Partefacts, Asmus Tietchens ...Read More

Oneothrix Point Never – Mutant Standard | Eli Keszler – Corrosion Kingdom | Fennesz – Rainfall | Moor Mother – Zami | ASYLUM – Dark Stealth Rmx | Andrea – Wired | Glume & Phossa – Banshee | Rezzett – Longboat ...Read More

normality schnormality Read More

We pick the artist - They pick the music. UI Picks is curated by the Underground Institute, an international agency for adventurous music and platform for culture. UI Picks episodes are tailored for selected underground radio stations. Cult experimental musician and ...Read More

Die zweite Schallplattensee-Show mit der Band Anez. Nach dem Gespräch vor vier Wochen ist es heute nur Musik. Weitere Musik von Anez: Distroy Lüka titan enemy Dust/ A Hiány Tetovált Lány Restless Traveling Walk alone Children's room Soft Horns (Legars remix) Restless Traveling (Gromiko Remix) Haze Read More

Radiom-Radiôme, the network of radio artists from the Greater Region located in between France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, formed in Autumn 2020 and started off with two improvised radio concerts in Saarbrücken (Germany) and Luxembourg in Spring 2021, as well ...Read More

In this episode host Nina Kettiger dives into the politics of desire surrounding the topic of erotic cannibalism Tracklist: Libera Me- The American Boychoir Claudia’s Allegro- Elliot Goldenthal Goodbye Horses- Q Lazzarus Read More

Tracklisting: 1. Roy Redmond - Good Day Sunshine 2. Raffaella Carrà - Ci vediamo domani 3. LIBERATO - E te veng' a piglià 4. THALA - Something In The Water (feat. Bearcubs) 5. Alp Baku - Nimrods letzter Sommer 6. Bananarama - Cruel Summer ('89 ...Read More