B.K.A. no.91 am Samstag 02.10.2021 von 16:00 bis 17:00 auf reboot.fm UKW 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam. Bands, Klatsch und Ausgehtipps. Mit Dj Anna PLAYLIST 2.10.2021 Anna Theme Chris Imler - Operation Schönheit (Album "Operation Schönheit". 2022 staatsakt) (live 8.10.2021 urban spree) Baumarkt  - Montagslobotomie (auch erschienen ...Read More

*** Stop/Play. Change de fréquences... ! Pile ou face ? Et si on jouait à ça pour changer nos perceptions du monde ? Et si on capturait l'extérieur, on le transformait et on le réécoutait un peu plus à notre oreille, depuis ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #64 spielen Volkan T error und Toby Dope ein paar Free Jazz Tracks. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! www.endzeit-industry.com Read More

On this show, four sonic-creative-essays by four composers and radio artists all of which are members of the female:pressure network. Reflecting our current relationships with nature, each one from a different perspective: 'When the micro-Circum Polaris melts’ by Éliane Blaise (2016) "Through ...Read More

new releases _ women on music _ music made in Berlin Read More

An welchem Tag ließe sich besser über Heimatkunde sprechen als am Super-Wahlsonntag. Zu Gast ist Sebastian Calließ mit seinem blau-braun inspirierten Debütroman "Heimatkunde", den er selbst als Right-Wing-Splatter-Comedy bezeichnet. Der erste Teil einer Trilogie kartografiert nicht nur eine rechte Landkarte, sondern saugt auch ...Read More

This radio show is a report from the workshop “Global Finance Walk”, led in Berlin on the 21st of august 2021, by RYBN.ORG and Laura Calbet, on the invitation of Supermarkt Berlin and ZK/U. Participants of the workshop were invited ...Read More

On the occasion of this year's Werkleitz Festival 2021, the crew of RADIOEREVAN had the opportunity to talk throughout several weeks with the invited media artists about their work and perspectives. In this mini-series about media art on RADIOEREVAN, this time, ...Read More

Brian Shimkovitz presented by DJ Zhao “Shimkovitz covers a selection of the material he collected while researching in West Africa. The blog is his leisure-time haunt and the tone is conversational. Each post is accompanied by a ...Read More

Kritzkom and Aschka present some more brilliant tracks by women, trans and non-binary artists to light up these darker days. We also say goodbye to K-HAND. With more music by Hara Alonso, Klara Lewis & Peder Mannerfelt, Simona Zamboli, Camino ...Read More