Brian Shimkovitz presented by DJ Zhao

Shimkovitz covers a selection of the material he collected while researching in West Africa. The blog is his leisure-time haunt and the tone is conversational. Each post is accompanied by a brief explanation or sentence expressing enthusiasm and some basic facts, but through the blog it’s possible gradually to build up a picture of a whole continent’s potentially intimidating musical heritage country by country, from Ghanaian high-life through to Zambian rock. African music bloggers constitute a horde of amateur enthusiasts and professional experts with ready knowledge of arcane or highly specialised areas who can disseminate sounds that hardly feature in Western coverage of African music. In the case of ATFA the effects of modern technology and influences can be heard in many of the posts: Snr Eddie Donkor’s gloopy swinging synths and the acid-yellow twang of electric guitars sound distinctly untraditional but form a major part of the aural landscape. ” (the wire)

plus an exclusive DJ set by Brian recorded at a recent event…