On this show, four sonic-creative-essays by four composers and radio artists all of which are members of the female:pressure network.
Reflecting our current relationships with nature, each one from a different perspective:

‘When the micro-Circum Polaris melts’ by Éliane Blaise (2016)

“Through this piece, I tried, inside a kind of an orb, to fade it in a drama narrative part growing only with sounds (focusing on water: waves, ice, splashed on rocks and shower in my flat) that I recorded by myself years ago during a winter near the sea in the north of the UK, and the ambient music of these sounds themselves. I also added some string instruments during a very short instance. Two female voices joined (as main characters) and sounds from hydro-factory that I built myself. This is something fragile, this is about a sort of an ending… like after a scientific experiment which triggered it! One of the women try to reach by calling her love (the other woman), her scientist base there… at the end the space could be faded in time. Since I Started to work on this piece, everyone says we have reached an overstep threshold of no return on climate change…”

My name is éliane blaise (b. 1972/ north europa), I am a woman, lesbian, cellist and composer, based in Paris. I have a good experience in surround audio. I works with (also in a mirror way with my Synths) images~dreams~languages, from the nature, landscapes and inner-scape, in subtle state times or elsewhere in trying to approach, to create sound compositions, Installations artworks and live performances. Having grow-up in Field Recording and SynthWave, with electro-acoustics and Synths. Composing, my practice is like a perpetual post-modern and sensitive exploration accompanied by my Cello.

‘Untitled’ by Eva Fireberg (2020)

A soundscape composition made from field recordings of trees and procedurally generative audio. A short sonic essay reflecting increasing tensions disseminating across ecosystems of shared creative audio spaces and systems of nature.

Eva Fireberg is a Berlin based creative engineer with a focus on sound.

‘Lūkus’ by La Claud (2021, premier)

Lūkus represents the sacred woodland (Lucus) of the ancient latin people, the place reserved for the divinity that inhabits it. The collective endeavour of a woodland is the results of the coexistence of different organisms, so the opera is dedicated and thoroughly inspired by the concept of “symbiosis”. The electroacoustic genre which this opera pertains to recalls the collective memory of a traverse of a forest where little animals and natural elements. It mashes up magic sounds and real sampled soundscapes collected around the world by the author, coding an hybrid world made up of electronic and acoustic nature atmosphere. The environment is represented sonically in certain instances, such as nocturnal states of stillness and diurnal states where the elements (wind, water, fire, earth) interact with animate and inanimate living beings.

Composer La Claud has published several albums with international electronic music labels. Graduated in Information Sciences and specialized at the Conservatory San Pietro a Majella (Naples) in Electronic Music with M°Elio Martusciello. She is the guitarist of the band “Mujeres Creando”. For the theater as an author presents some pieces with the collective “Femen des Arts”. She conducts research and experiments that combine visual and sound arts in the electroacoustic field. In 2020 She won the award “Matters. Platform for Industrial Culture” with the work PHYSIS (FOCI compilation). In 2021, her electroacoustic opera “Ferrite II Interstitial” won the “Selected Projects” at In-Sonora festival.

‘now i’m a ritual rain maker’ (remix) by Claudia Wegener aka radio continental drift [featuring Gogo]
for Anna Stereopoulou’s “Rebuilding PLANO’ (2020)

In our contribution we created an encounter of PLANO’s sonic cosmos with the story of contemporary Zimbabwe artist Thembi Ngwabi who finds herself following the calling of a spirit medium “…now i’m a ritual rain maker”.
Thembi Ngwabi is known as “ugogo”*, a dancer, actress and bass guitarist in Zimbabwe; she directed stage plays and films, played in a famous all-women band and trained hundreds of youths at Amakhosi Arts Academy. Recordings from 2012 in Bulawayo, 2013 and 2018 in the Lupane bush trace her story as a woman artist and, the calling that is upon her growing louder… [*“ugogo” means a grandmother in Ndebele]

Claudia Wegener is sound and media artist who develops participatory audio radio projects together with organisations and communities. Through their collective production process and methodology, she facilitates skills-training in creative media, ICTs and oral history; working in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, England and Germany. Her creative production includes radio work, which celebrates the art and power of storytelling drawing on an extensive collection of field-recordings archived at the Internet Archive for public use.

http://aporee.org/maps/projects/all-africa-sound-map All Africa Sound Map