excerpts-from-sylvia-plath_11Audio experiment EXCERPTS FROM SYLVIA PLATH’s UNABRIDGED DIARIES is a sound journey through mental lands of the poet, transposed and imprinted in sonic improvisations between artists/musicians Lena Kocisova (Akkamiau) and Sarah Martinus. Lena and Sarah, both residing in Berlin, are active members of female:pressure, the international creative community.

Together we invite you on this sound journey: hoping the insights, trials and tribulations of the honest accounts from Sylvia’s life allow you to explore the deep and creative energy of what is female within all of us.

Selected chapters are narrated by Sarah and accompanying soundscapes originate from collaborative improvisations between the artists. The first part features two tracks, Perhaps by akkamiau and Broke by Sarah Martinus. The soundtrack in complete was compiled and produced by Akkamiau and credits for the graphics go to Sarah Martinus.

Lena Kocisova (sonic improvisations, concept and production)

Sarah Martinus (sonic improvisation, narration and cover collage)