Mo Loschelder presents the latest addition to Media Loca artist roster:
Daniela Huerta, born in Guadelajra Mexikco, now based in Berlin, Germany

Under the moniker Baby Vulture she creates multi-layered sound collages and as Daniela Hiuerta she plays hybrid DJ / Live sets.
Please enjoy a special mix she did for Radio Alhara three months ago.


Andrew Pekler - 8-00 AM
Andrew Pekler - 8-15 AM
Andrew Pekler - 9-00 AM
Coil - Strange Birds
Alex Dowling - Reality Rounds
Mabe Fratti - Aire
K-HAND - Aquatics
Bendik Giske - Flutter
Marcus Schmickler - Fortuna Ribbon 3
Zoë Mcpherson - Get It?
CV & JAB - Down a passageway
Roméo Poirier - Le bématiste
Gudrun Gut + Mabe Fratti - El cielo responde
Ale Hop - The Life of Insects
Jon Hassell - Moons Of Titan
Space Afrika ft. LA Timpa - Strength
Andrew Pekler - 11:15 AM
Andrew Pekler - 11:30 AM
Andrew Pekler - 11:45 AM
Aleksi Perälä - FI3AC1927100
Pita - CE3
Mirt - Solitaire 5 (excerpt)
Perila - Enchiz
Annea Lockwood - Thousand Year Dreaming: in full bloom (part 1)
Myriam Bleau - Darling
Aya - Emley lights us moor (feat Iceboy Violet)
Hiro Kone - Reciprocal capture (ft. Speaker Music)
Exael - Ice that Melts the Tips
Khyam Allami - Tawazon II: or Lack of Church bells