2022 gets off to a strange start with data scandals, pandemic madness, and fascists losing some foot holds, but not for the reasons they should! We’ll take the wins however we can get them! Learn about the garden party that might take down Boris Johnson, some weirdness in policing in the US and Germany, and how Novak Djokovic is making money on his anti-vaxxer stance and shedding a light on Australia’s immigration failings.  Hosted by Diana Arce (she/her), and Tina Lee (she/her) with Miriam Aced (she/her). Brought to you by Artists Without a Cause , Wählen Gegen Rechts and Migration Voter.

International Round-up:


Settlement made for Indigenous children


Britain stumbles towards fascism as police and citizenship bills near passage

Boris Johnson’s and the garden party

Australia :Novak Djokovic

Every anti-vaxx hero ends up owning shares in non-vaccine treatments, weird coinkydink


Europol data scandal:

Van der Leyen texting with Pzifer CEO

She’s done this before

US Round-up::

Trump & Jan 6th Commision:

Rikers prison is a case for prison reform

Cops fired over pokemon

OAN Network gets dropped from Direct TV

Also check out Unstoppable Voters:

Germany Round Up:

Luca App scandal:

Not enough police cuz covid


Elza Soares - Justa Causa

Run the Jewels - Lie, Cheat, Steal

Laura Mvula - Church Girl

Miniie Riperton - Les Fleurs

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