* Annette Krebs - Sah (excerpt) - Konstruktion 1 & 2 Sah * @c - 77 (0) - VA, Audiosphere Catalogue * Bernard Parmigiani - Jeux - Dedant / Dehor - L’ouvre Musicale * Aki Onda - Voice - VA, Audiosphere ...Read More

SONIC CONJURIES (2021-2022) – ANA MARÍA ROMANO G. (Colombia) Photo: Marta Cabrera A National Strike began in Colombia on April 28, 2021, which then took the form of a social outburst. This was really the continuation of a series of demonstrations that ...Read More

Mason Williams - Greensleeves Metabolismus - Snowy Meadows Unrest - Isabel Swamp Children - Boy A. R. Kane - Miles Apart Orange Juice - Rip It up Josef K. - Heaven Sent Nicholas Krgovich - Hinoki Bill Pritchard - Tomorrow The Blue Nile - Stay Metro - One Way Night Louis ...Read More

In this episode, we hear from the No Border Assembly about their  campaign to stop the construction of a new deportation centre at Berlin’s airport. Victor Grossman unpicks the western propaganda about Ukraine. And two years since 10 people were ...Read More

A wild mixture presents the RADIOEREVANteam today: a medley - cities, hanging gardens and bombs, weapons - it's just the beginning to rewrite history(s). Read More