Gudrun Gut plays an active part within the Berlin underground scene since early 1980ies from post punk via techno to indie tronics.
She was a founding member of legendary bands such as Mania D. Einstürzende Neubauten Malaria! and Matador.
In 1997 Gudrun Gut founded the label Monika Enterprise, focusing on female artists.
Her impressive list of releases does not only include various solo abums but also many collaborations with artists such as AGF, Jochen Irmler and Mabe Fratti.

01. Gudrun Gut & Mabe Fratti - Aufregend
02. Gudrun Gut & Mabe Fratti - Walk
03. Gudrun Gut & Werkstatt - Green Rain
04. Sonae & Werkstatt - Between Two Worlds
05. Gudrun Gut & Werkstatt - Repetition
07. Islaja & Werkstatt - Sappho’s Gifts
08. Islaja & Werkstatt - Sappho’s Gifts (Charlotte Bendiks Remix)
09. Mania D. - Radiator (Monika Werkstatt Version)
10. Malaria! - You You (Monika Werkstatt Version)
11. Matador - Schreiender Tag (Monika Werkstatt Version)
12. Mania D. - Zukunft (Monika Werkstatt Version)
13. Gudrun Gut - Katzendiktatur