Everybody was going on about karma … But it occurred to me that karma is instant as well as it influences your past life or your future life … So the idea of instantkarma was like the idea of instant coffee: presenting something in a new form.” John Lennon

Radio broadcast by zelda panda - Naturopath, artist, shamanic practitioner


ENCOUNTERS #3: Skywoman (Floriana Rubino)


I live a full life of being in service, sharing with others my life experiences and what I have learned. I offer my individual healing sessions and workshops mainly in Germany, Italy and the Uk.
Im also currently working on my upcoming international interdisciplinary center in my Motherland inspired by the modern matriarchal paradigm and earth based spirituality with the main focus on healing, ecology, art and community.
Each of us has a light, and we are here to make our own unique light shine and follow our true soul purpose. My deepest wish is to see everyone remembering who they really are, finding their own sovereignty over themselves and their lives, shining their unique gifts, cooperating to help one another in reaching our full potential and live in harmony with each other and all living beings on this planet and within the bigger family of our infinite cosmos.”