In this episode, Florian Gutsche from the antifascist group VVN-BdA explains why the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat still isn’t a national holiday. Sasha from Feminist Antiwar Resistance tells us about opposition to Putin within Russia. And Asmar and Joujou from Palestine Speaks describe the ongoing Nakba (catastrophe) for Palestinians and events coming up this year in Berlin. Dillon Drasner is in the presenter’s chair.

This episode’s guests are:

* Florian Gutsche, VVN-BdA - 9 May antiwar protest details:

* Sasha, member of Feminist Antiwar Resistance (Russia) - support the Sexual Violence Response Program (Ukraine):

* Asmar & Joujou, Palestine Speaks:

This week’s playlist is:

Cartouche - Chant des partisans Yiddish
Trio Scho - Der Hafen von Odessa
Arkadiy Kots Band — Who Shoots At Workers
alyona alyona — Відчиняй
Ahmad Kaabour - A’daffa
Daboor & Shabjdeed - Inn Ann

This episode is presented by Dillon Drasner. The studio engineer for is Noémie Cayron. The producer is Tom Wills.

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