Shaun Robert has been working with sound from an early age, a natural extension of play . Starting like many with a domestic tape recorder; years finger poised on the pause button, making edits, skimming back with reverse to make collation transitions; building deep relationships with that aesthetic, within this interaction shows itself in all his works and the importance of sounds from analogue radio can not be understated.

“Cross talk & frequency drifting pulls my heart strings. And Heavy use of Cassette Tape in Structure , making my own compilations developed into making my own works . And relating to loops and rough editing , audio drop outs. A Sonic Organic.”

This show contains Shaun Robert solo works, also from his recent album “Music for tape and Radio” and pieces from bands Mutant Beatniks and Jonah’s Jubilee.

Mutant Beatniks began in 1986 with an ever-evolving lineup centered around Monster and feat. Mark Benson. Various members joined and left, many tapes of inaudible noise were made, sold or given away, only to be played once, and mostly for only a few seconds. The Mutant Beatniks started with the idea of producing short-form pieces of Music Concrète, Noise Music with a foreign pop edge and breakbeat. After a few years it all fell silent, then after another gap: 2001, when they started again as a trio, again some material was recorded, most of it was lost. The name is derived from the idea of future music, Mutant as in transfigured and morphing developed remote sounds; Music, and the kind of music crazy modern beatniks will listen to. So mutant beatniks describes the music as well as the target audience.

Jonah’s Jubilee is the multi-core band of Pedale Baroque established by Franco Turra. They started with pop in the 80s, then they turned into instrumental pop in the new century, finding their excellence with concrete music. in 2015 Shaun Robert became an honorary member for the album “going blind for the weekend going mute for the rest of your life”.

Shaun Robert - our you on the square for radio two
Mutant Beatniks - invisible extract 4
Shaun Robert - emotional perception
Jonah’s Jubilee - black crowl
Mutant Beatniks - invisible extract 1
Mutant Beatniks - invisible extract 3
Jonah’s Jubilee - tomorrow never comes
Shaun Robert - splade initiation
Shaun Robert - tamcredi
Shaun Robert - RANDOM Portal
Jonah’s Jubilee - poignant springs